Stories from Humanity

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading” Lao Tzu.

The greatest threats we face in the 21st century are of our own making. At the beginning of 2018 I was invited to work on a major new project to raise awareness of Global Health Security with the hope that by publishing the reality we can influence the changes that are required.

This work aims to engage audiences in solutions, greater research and cooperation.

Given the shock and ongoing repercussions of both the invasion of Ukraine and the pandemic caused by Covid 19, the Global Health Security project has never been more important.

In conjunction the the Telegraph Media Group I continue to travel extensively, reporting on health as an instrument in broader geopolitical issues, including:

• the spread of communicable diseases like Ebola, Zika and dangerous new strains of influenza

• non-communicable conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes

• the rapid rise of antibiotic resistance and new superbugs

• the growing threat of bio-terrorism

• social and political instability sown by war and natural disasters including drought and famine.

Given the cross border nature of these challenges, Global Health Security is an essential element of global health diplomacy.

We are currently running a series of major exhibitions of the work to date entitled Humanity.

This work is predominantly funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their support comes without strings and The Telegraph Media Group retains full editorial control over all published content.

People queue for practically non-existent WFP food deliveries. Lushagala IDP camp.

Sexual Violence: Inside the Besieged City of Goma

Corruption, pollution and exploitation: China’s push into Africa

The Darien Gap is the missing link in the 17,000-mile Pan-American Highway, a 60 mile stretch of dense jungle between Colombia and Panama used as an illegal trafficking route. Thousands from around the world make the crossing every month - and many die trying.

Panama: the ‘Road of Death’

Togo: the country with the worst motorcycle death rate in the world

The Taliban’s new drugs hell

Middle-class Afghans face starvation

Nadiya at the end of her escape from Mauriopol.

Ukraine – the Refugees

Ukraine – the Hospital

Ukraine – the Morgue

Female Genital Schistosomiasis

alt 1

India’s mucormycosis wards

Covid Manaus – The Perfect Storm

Congo’s hidden war

Bringing Burkina Faso to its knees

Covid Hunger

Covid 19 Intensive Care

The Virus Hunters

Ebola: inside the treatment centres

South Sudan: a country on its knees

Care homes abandoned to Covid

Cyclone Idai Mozambique

When Daylight Kills

Escape from Boko Haram

Teenage migrants trapped in Bosnia’s bleak forests

Battle for the Sahel: Operation Flintlock

Harnessing Africa’s baby boom

Cocaine Super Highway

Trachoma: disease of thorns

Stunting and Malnutrition

Malawi fights a crippling parasite

Generation Zika

Witches of Kenya

Sri Lanka’s suicide epidemic

The Ghost Towns of Fukushima

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