March 11, 2022

Sean Plunket interviews Photojournalist Simon Townsley reporting from Odesa, Ukraine

Sean Plunket is the founding editor of New Zealand independent website The Platform, he is an award-winning veteran broadcaster and television presenter. Here he speaks to Simon during his first visit to Odesa.

Simon Townsley speaks to Sean Plunket from Odesa

Simon Townsley speaks to Sean Plunket from Odesa

November 8, 2023

Simon Townsley wins Photojournalist of the Year

Telegraph photographer Simon Townsley has been named Photo Journalist of the Year at the 2023 Society of Editors’ Media Freedom...

March 8, 2023

Photographer of the Year High Commendation, British Press Awards 2023

Simon Townsley is awarded Highly Commended in the British Press Awards 2023 for a portfolio of images from stories including...

February 3, 2023

BPPA Photo Essay of the Year Winner

Simon Townsley named The British Press Photographers' Association Photo Essay Winner...

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