Covid Manaus – The Perfect Storm

Manaus, in Brazil, suffered one of the world’s most devastating outbreaks. Now, epidemiologists want to know why.

On April 10 Francisco da Silva Nascimento was the first to be buried here. Within three days the 63-year-old was joined by 102 others; by April 16 that figure had more than doubled to 250.

From there a sea of wooden blue crosses multiplied as the virus spread like wildfire across an isolated city caught off-guard. Dates, names and numbers painted onto the wood in thick black lettering are a sober record of just how quickly fatalities mounted.

By April 20, 524 people were buried in the tawny earth; on May 5 that figure stood at 1,018. In total, close to 2,000 coronavirus victims are in this graveyard alone.

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