Ukraine – the Hospital

A light sheet draped over the body of 15-year-old Masha Feshchenko, clearly shows the outline of a stump where her right leg had been amputated above the knee.

She had been walking with her mother, Sonia, and another girl in their home town of Polohy when a shell landed 10 feet away.

Masha’s right arm was also shredded by shrapnel and her shoulder broken. The blast left her deafened and she has not eaten for five days.

“I hope this picture will create a strong impression on people,” Ivan Anikin, head of intensive care at the children’s hospital in Zaporizhzhia, said, looking at Masha’s body as he encouraged the Telegraph to photograph her.

But he was sceptical that it would change many minds across the border. “Most Russian people don’t believe these pictures,” he said.

Some of the medic’s many Russian friends and relatives have told him the pictures and reports of wounded Ukrainian children are fake, or taken from different conflicts in other parts of the world.

“It’s crazy. Maybe they can’t believe it,” he said.

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